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November 18, 2008

Bolivia’s Evo Morales (Callate Chingoso!)

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Comemierda Comunista!

Comemierda Comunista!


Narco Terrorist, Communist, Evo Evil Morales, some one please cap him and spare us and the adjacent countries the mounting grief of this thug. Wonder who, from the US, is on their knees before this moron?



  1. You should be very happy that reports are going round that Obama is considering Clinton for SoS. She’s a favorite of Kissinger, whom I imagine you admire (judging from your “kill Morales” mentality).

    Answer this: How is Morales a narco terrorist? Coca eradication has gone up in Bolivia since he took the reins (albeit so has production). And terrorism? What terrorism?

    Comment by mgrace — November 18, 2008 @ 8:24 AM | Reply

  2. This morning I listened to the morning news that he has requested DEA leave Bolivia and cease any efforts at coca eradication, that all efforts to eliminate coca crop be stopped. Given his politics, anti-American BS and the eventual, inevitiable Leftist support of Narco trafficking for $$$$ to support their Leftist agenda in the region (which will involve violence (yes?) then I think I am spot on. Yes, he can certainly ask DEA to leave, but regardless, the intent is to use our own appetites against us. I make no apololgies for wanting another asshole to leave this earth. Re Hillary…I have no opinion one way or the other…she would probably do a solid job. I have no love of Kissinger. I do not want to intervene in Bolivia or anywhere else. Not for world wide Democracy via troops. I am for Morales and Chavez to get their eventual come uppance!~

    Comment by swittersb — November 18, 2008 @ 9:03 AM | Reply

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