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November 17, 2008

Will Hillary be Finished for 2012? (S of S would lock Hillary in and close her out)

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O "I think they'll fall for it."

O "I think they'll fall for it."

More than a dozen advisers to both sides said Sunday that although they did not have firm information, they considered it improbable that Obama would have opened the door to Clinton’s appointment as secretary of state without having decided, at least in principle, that he would like to make it happen. Rejecting her after letting the possibility become so public would risk a new rupture within a party that spent much of the year divided between Obama and the Clintons.

Hillary must have decided she has no chance in 2012, so she is willing to wait. Sec. of State hillary34creds will solidify her image against any emerging GOP candidate. Who from the GOP (Palin, Pawlenty, Jindal, ?) could match the image. Unless Obama and Hillary mess up some crisis, it is probable they will stave off bullies with concession after concession. The march toward a Euro-Asian look creeps on.


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