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November 17, 2008

Hansen & Gore (Some Day We Will Laugh or We Will Set Them Adrift On A Sheet of Ice With a Polar Bear)

The Fabricator

The Fabricator

The Fabricator

The Fabricator

Global Warming Hoaxers Caught Pushing Cooked Data Again

November 17, 2008

Hansen et al. were caught out not by the increasingly irrelevant mainstream media, but by the blogs Watts Up With That and Climate Audit. The GISS’s response was to discover a new “hotspot” in the Arctic — despite the fact that sea ice there is 30% more extensive than it was at this point last year.

Al Gore’s creepy friend Hansen has been milking the global warming hoax for a pretty penny. He and his taxpayer-financed henchmen have been caught using phony data before. To give an idea of his political leanings, Hansen has called for the arrest of oil company execs on charges of global warming denial.


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