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November 14, 2008

Obama Questions (Lingering Questions…If They Matter?)

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Considering I keep hearing the odd refrain, ‘we don’t really know this man; we don’t know how he will govern or where he will govern from’, (isn’t that a frigging amazing commentary on 52% of Americans?), I wonder about:

The Lies Obama told about Ayers, given Ayers’ new statements.

The National Civilian Service/Defense Corp’s Intent

The Birth Location Concern (Kenya or Hawaii). Is it real?

Columbia University Records (Is This Important?)

Bankrupting the Coal Industry?

No Drilling for Oil?

Corruption of ACORN and his future connection?

Abortion, Life, Partial Birth, Life After Abortion?

These are all questions that were asked and ignored or never asked by the msm and the alternative media. The questions are only a few of a long list of questions about the man that ‘we aren’t sure where he will govern from’ because ‘we don’t really know this man’. Huh?  

Didn’t sleep much last night, so I was already feeling queasy when I tuned in to watch a bit of the Good Morning America interview with Barack Obama’s good family friend, Bill Ayers. Now, I’m really feeling sick in my stomach. The interviewer actually did an adequate job of trying to press Ayers on his terrorist past. But in the end, he acquiesced and let Ayers have the last, morally equivalent word.

Ayers refused to say that the violent crimes of the Weather Underground were wrong. He talked about domestic terrorism as if it were akin to toilet-papering a neighbor’s tree. He magnanimously acknowledged that the Pentagon bombings “crossed lines of propriety, legality, and perhaps common sense.” Perhaps?

Confronted with the Prairie Fire manifesto’s dedication to Sirhan Sirhan, he waved it off with a quick “I reject that.” Asked about his 9/11 quote in the NYTimes lamenting that his terrorist outfit “should have done more,” Ayers whinnied that the quote was taken out of the context of the number of people killed in Vietnam.


I have an overwhelming contempt for the Leftist-marxist ilk of the 60’s and 70’s. I recall it well and I came to despise them and their methods. So, William Ayers and his lunatic wife, Dohrn, piss me off. To see him standing on the flag, that generates the response he angry…beyond angry.

This lack of justice re this bunch and Obama’s relationship with them is the deal breaker for me, re this man, Obama, and why I will not ever support him. Successful or not, I cannot respect him for this singular reason…his lies and relationship with this sleazeball anarchist, plotter, coward, remote control killer. I would not even care if he was repentant…it does not matter to me now. This is too much…this alone.          



  1. I’ve just about reached a realization that whatever this man has done…or is going to do…does not matter to the people of this country!
    The fact that he is not a natural-born citizen goes directly against our Constitution. The media doesn’t even DARE put this on the news! Why not! They can’t all be Obama supporters, can they? 95% of the people that I’ve spoken with didn’t even know that this was an issue. I am sure that if, by Dec 1 – when he is supposed to provide proof – he still hasn’t proven his citizenship, this too will be swept under the rug!
    – He has known terriorist ties
    – He has not proven his citizenship

    What the hell? We have another David Carish situation here!

    Comment by Lisa — November 14, 2008 @ 6:50 PM | Reply

  2. And WHAT chance will there be of the Liberal/Lefty Supreme Court not trying to throw out Phil Berg’s suit to compel Obama to produce documents that he is QUALIFIED to run?? This country is so corrupt that only a Dr. Paul character could break up the oligarchies/plutocracies,et al.Now we are a Socialist country;a far cry from the Founders’ intent!! Only the abolishing of the Dept of Education(Socialist propaganda to millions of the young in public schools)and abolishment of compulsory income taxes to fund these Lefty ludicrous programs that are endless,black holes,were 2 of the excellent ideass Dr. Paul had,only to be totally sabatoged by the Letfy media. Only a moron would have not voted for these “CHANGES!”(if only he would have had a chance! Crooks!)

    Comment by scholarsearch — November 16, 2008 @ 1:19 PM | Reply

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