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November 13, 2008

Obama & Black Affirmation (Race Hype Ends…Is There Hope for Change)

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One of the strangest things about reading black writings of the old days is the ingrained optimism. W.E.B. DuBois in the aughts highlighted blacks making the best of themselves despite obstacles. Zora Neale Hurston bristled at being expected to write of lynchings rather than self-regard and triumph. Many black literati disowned Richard Wright’s Native Son as too pessimistic.

But in the late ’60s, just as segregation and bigotry began a rapid retreat, it became fashionable to treat black identity as plangent, wary of celebration where whites could hear it, glumly obsessed with tabulating ever-fraying strands of racism. No matter how successful many blacks are, no matter how many interracial couples there are, no matter how few “firsts” are left, we always have much longer to go than we have come. A shoe still hasn’t dropped.

Well, it just did.

A black man is president, and black Americans seem to feel like it really means something. As such, we will expect a sea change in the tone of what is considered the authentic black voice.


Let me sharpen that up: There’s no one left to blame. I don’t know how long that mindset will take to sink in — perhaps it never will — but blacks have long grown accustomed to blaming not failure itself but failure to even try on presumed white racism making such efforts futile.

Well, enough of that.

The worst aspect of racism — in terms of actual impact — in this country is not white racism, but hyperbolically overstated black claims of white racism, which in turn create a sense of futility, anger, and ultimately powerlessness and stagnancy in the black community. The idea that learning or success is “white” is devastating to black advancement, and there’s nothing whites or the government can do to change that. Blacks have to change that mindset themselves, and give up on a basically oppositional culture…

I could not state it any more clearly than the above. I have this written this before…in most urban areas, some blacks are dishing out attitudes that are the rival for any white racist. Racism will not be eliminated, ever. Racism is everywhere in the world. One can only strive to treat everyone with respect and dignity…the ol’ Golden Rule…a perfect guide. Yet, the manipulation of opinion, the culture, for advantage, gain, power runs unabated. It is BS. I no longer care about slavery. Enough already. I had family members executed and dumped in mass graves in Molidorf, Hungary in 1944 as paybacks for German atrocities…A terrible genocide. That was 64 years ago. It is over. I don’t go on and on about it. Life goes on. Get the fuck over it. Stop using it as a crutch. Yes, some fuck stick hangs a noose and it makes national news. Yet, everyday, I leave work and have to drive a goddamn gauntlet of thugs and punks exercising the ability to fuck with me. Those acts are much more hostile and harmful and potentially more deadly to the assholes than a noose displayed for shock affect. Get real. Stick your chest out and I will stick mine out too…then what? What the hell do you expect and if you fall back on history…then there we are, right back at the same old shit. Enough already, BASTA!           


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