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November 10, 2008

Obama v. Imperial Bush? (Exec Orders to be Revoked…By Another Imperialist?)

screaming-eagleObama undoing all that terrible Bush-Cheney Imperialism. Review the Exec Orders at the attached link and if Obama is looking at overturning some 100-200 EO’s, then we should review those and keep track of the apparent philosophical intent of those revocations. Wish W would have been signing EO’s to protect Western Salmon, Trout, Steelhead habitat as well as his Striped Bass-Red Fish EO (personal issue). I noticed one in particular, that I will track: Executive Order: Protecting American Taxpayers From Government Spending on Wasteful Earmarks

‘Obama to target Bush executive orders in first days’

Barack Obama wants to find ways to make his mark quickly in the opening days of his presidency and reverse the legacy of George W. Bush.  Obama will focus his efforts on the list of executive orders that shaped White House policy, reversing them quickly.  That does not require legislative approval, but it could bring the most contentious issues to the forefront immediately and create more polarization than post-partisanship…

These aren’t exactly low-hanging fruit, nor are they the acts of someone who professed to find middle ground between pro-life and pro-choice groups.  These are the acts of a pro-abortion absolutist, and they presage the sponsorship of Planned Parenthood’s Freedom of Choice Act.  So much for governing from the center.


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