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November 10, 2008

Obama Death Threats (Moron Alerts…The Regressives, Bozo!)

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500+ Death Threats: Fears grow for Barack Obama’s security —The secret service is reported to have already investigated more than 500 death threats against Mr Obama during the presidential election contest. Last month, two neo-Nazi skinheads were arrested for conspiring to assassinate Mr Obama.’

He really needs to be careful, this country is full of wacko’s.   Please America.. this is our last hope. Don’t ***** it up.   For all of America, I just really hope he stays the ***** out of *real* America! If (God forbid) someone does end up successfully offing him, this country will tear itself apart. leave it to some inbred redneck to ***** up our country.   God forbid anything happen but if it does I say we build a fence around the ‘real America” and starve these clowns to death.    place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of those people who tried to swiftboat him and paint him as being a radical, a terrorist. and a socialist.   I pray that sanity is restored to our country and that normally rational people will come to their senses.   I’ve been saying since i heard of his nomination – “he’s going to win, and then some ***** is going to try and shoot at him” there are still racist ***** in this country.   This makes me so sad! This is largely the fault of hate cheerleader Sarah Palin.   President Bush didn’t receive this quantity and type of death threats.   That shows you the difference between the type of people that liberals are versus hardcore conservative.   The fundamentalist right is the most dangerous faction in America, hands down. Being uneducated and being full of hatred is a dangerous combination.
First, why is the Secret Service releasing any threat statements re Obama. That seems improbable, but given how improbable everything has been about the deceiver, maybe so. I have to believe Bush-Cheney received as many threats…seriously given the palpable hate, how can it be doubted. As I have previously stated, no one should want Obama capped. A martyr is not needed for this Neo Marxist. Just some time honored discrediting so the above mentally challenged emotist can concoct a conspiracy of why he failed. If he were offed, aside from the criminality, immorality and tragedy of any such act, it would lend historical credence to a man not worthy of such adoration. Truly spooky followers. Let law enforcement do its’ job and when feasible hunt down the dumbshits making the threats.  

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