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November 9, 2008

School Volunteerism (‘The Perfect Socialist Circle’)

brainwashedDo you doubt this for a moment? Propose what initially sounds reasonable and beneficial…have (require…no suggest) students volunteer time to public service projects. It seems like a good idea. Yet the intent is to indoctrinate. I will provide you with two examples (both true):

My daughter has attended a Catholic High School. Each year, so much ‘community service’ is mandatory. So much has to have been performed, in order to graduate. Most of it has been at ‘community food banks’ shuffling food bins and boxes for the great unwashed at soup kitchens on ‘skid row’ (a NW term). That is fair enough, but:

A trip to Mexico to help the downtrodden of Tijuana. Ok, fine, hone up on Spanish skills, a lot of manual labor at a school playground, still good. But, when the kids make a trip to the border, the process started. How do I know this..the debrief. The kids are back with slide show and an accounting for all the parents. It commences, and at the border, you may not know this, are paintings of Latinos that have died crossing the border. They are enshrined as victims of ‘American Imperialism’. I listen as several students discuss US Policy on Immigration, discuss ‘oppression’ (a favorite adjective or verb, you shall see) and the unfairness of it all. The kids are squired about, when not shoveling gravel, concrete, painting or bonding with adorable youth (‘we have so much in common’), and provided lectures on what the US needs to do to improve their lot. This while providing ‘community service’.

Zip ala Norte, 1800 miles or so to the Blackfoot Indian Reservation. Again, ‘community service’ and the labor of painting, shoveling, cleaning up after slobs. Apparently, poverty does not provide the slightest ability to clean your nest. Again, the trips and lectures at the base of Glacier National Park. Again, the hard work, and return home for the post trip debrief. Slide show rolling, service kids with smiles and paint brushes in hand and their bonding apparent and fun to witness, BUT, now the kids get up and this year the ‘oppressed’ ‘oppression’ theme is much more pronounced. The theme of long standing oppression of the native American pours forth from many of the students. Huh? I cannot refrain from quietly asking (so as to not embarass my daughter or alter the self satisfied smirk on the Liberal parents present) a Catholic brother, down from Montana for the debrief, what gives with the ‘oppression’ BS? His spine stiffens. He, of course, blames US policy for the Indian’s plight. I remark that some Oregon tribes are doing quite well with casino’s, resorts, investments. What gives in Montana? He relates well they have great opportunities with mining, oil, recreation, but alas, it is hard to get the residents to organize and take a leadership role. Huh? Another enormous example of big brother taking over a people and over time they have lost their will to lead theirselves. Seriously, how instructive…US Policy indeed. The brother did not like my suggestion that perhaps more effort ought to be made to motivate the residents to become individuals again and to drop the indoctrination process. I quietly left the gathering to avoid any association of the crazy dad with my amazing daughter…I went out and waited in the car.    

Two examples of pretty, highly motivated and well read kids providing mandatory ‘community service’ and the inevitable ‘oh, while I have you let me, pump ‘oppression’ imagery into your impressionable psyche’s. And, I paid for the opportunity to brainwash my daughter (seriously, she is much to smart for that…listening to my venting each morning on the way to school..she has been exposed to my version of the Fairness Doctrine for many years).

The intent of any ‘community service’ is to indoctrinate. In the instances above…good little Liberal Catholics walk forth to serve the Lord and the Statist rule. In the Obama theory, you are equally ensconced in Leftist group think, Leftist Process, and as Cold Fury mentions the Perfect Socialist Circle. Can you doubt for one damn second that Michelle,  Ayers, Barack and other Leftist theoreticians sat around dining room tables brainstorming how to peacefully indoctrinate the youth, the public service employees and the welfare recipients? I will lay odds this whole process can be laid to a core group and has been written about by them and probably funded via CAC or Wood Foundation monies.

“No more ‘coercion’–just ‘helpful suggestions’. You know; like the ‘helpful suggestion’ that banks had better make bad loans–or else. Welcome to Sub-prime Scholastics.

In fact, the criminal Obama/Biden junta now proposes to pay every college student $40. per hour–a $4,000 credit for 100 hours of service.

This would be a massive new budget-buster requiring a brand new bureaucracy to administer. It would be much cheaper to print wheelbarrows full of 100 dollar bills and place them at strategic locations in college towns throughout America–but of course, this is really about control, not money.

I especially liked this line:

“Obama and Biden will ensure that at least 25 % of all Work-Study Funds are used to support public service opportunities instead of jobs in dining halls and libraries.”   

             ‘Obama: On second thought, let’s make community service for students voluntary’


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