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November 9, 2008

Gays Pissed Off….Tolerance-Diversity-PC Takes a Holiday in Califa

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“McCullom wrote about how “the recent passage of California’s Proposition 8 has exposed some of the latent racism of many within the LGBT community”. He refers to “the ‘blame the blacks’ meme”, which has emerged both online and on the streets of California. He described how blacks unexpectedly found themselves targeted by whites at Friday’s marriage equality rally in Los Angeles…”

“If gays want to blame someone for Proposition 8, they can start with their leaders—also known as the gay mafia, whose egos, white superiority complex, and misunderstanding of Black people’s priorities for this election season guaranteed certain outcomes.”


I include this link ( with a cautionary note: it is over the top and you should be forewarned of the blatant public perversion that is only suitable for a private bedroom, backseat of a car, glory hole or at least down an alleyway behind the dumpster….this is the element that gives everyone pause…this is the element that helps to wipe out any sensitivity to a same sex couple that love eachother…until this type of public display vanishes via self control within the gay community…then you are fighting a futile battle. Not much equals this on the hetero side…


Queer Pagan

Queer Pagan


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  1. It is true that the gays have been equating this entire subject as a “civil rights” issue, but that doesn’t exactly fit. The civil rights of black people had to do with a genetic difference between the races. Homosexuality is a lifestyle issue, not exactly the same thing although they would like to think it is. It also doesn’t help their cause when they claim to want the same rights as straight couples, but act insist on making thier perversions a public spectacle. While a large majority of American will never condone that lifestyle, most people are willing to say “what you do in the privacy of your own home is none of our business, just don’t bring it where we can see it.”

    Comment by dcbarton — November 9, 2008 @ 9:35 AM | Reply

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