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November 8, 2008

Obama & Ayers (Flashback? No, but just in case anyone cares about the relationship?)

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o-shit1One of those unsubstantiated or cross corroborated stories: Obama insider says Barack, Michelle, Bernardine and Bill have always been close since the 80’s and Axlerod pushed Ayers to assist in thwarting access to CAC records etc. etc. etc. Didn’t matter did it? Anarchism, Marxism, Neo Marxism go mainstream.

We shall see what emerges over time. I will assume it will be described in vanilla terms by the same msm sycophants that were the prop piece before.

“The source has stated that Obama and Ayers have a direct personal relationship that extends back to the 1980s and that there are now close ties between both Michelle and Barack Obama and Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, also a former leader of the Weather Underground. Global Labor believes the source to be highly credible but has not been able to confirm independently the comments made by the source.ayers20twn“Global Labor was later told by an independent source outside the Obama campaign that two individuals attending the Democratic Party’s National Convention in Denver this past summer heard long time Ayers’ colleague, Tom Hayden, “brag” that Ayers and Axelrod “would take care of the Annenberg issue.”

michelleobama11The source has said that either Obama himself or his wife Michelle communicate with Ayers or Dohrn on a regular basis, up to “several times a week,” including discussions about the “vetting” of potential advisors to the campaign as well as potential appointments to staff positions in the new administration should Obama win the presidential race.

The source continues to support the Obama candidacy but has expressed serious concern about the influence of what is known in the campaign as the “Ayers camp” on the candidate.”


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