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November 8, 2008

Boehner Requests Steadfastness of Conservatives (I request some smarts and better articualtion on your part…or we will go wobbly on your noggins!)

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head“The simple message for Conservatives: now is not the time to go “all wobbly.” We have two years to work toward rebuilding our representation in the House and the Senate, but today, we still have a small voice in Congress.

House Republican Leader, John Boehner, in an op-ed written for, lays out the issues we can expect the Minority Leadership to stand against. After Boehner’s list you’ll find links to all Senate and House Committees as well as the ranking Republican committee member for each.”

This is a handy starting point provided by the ‘Stop the ACLU’ blog ( Frankly, the names are largely unfamiliar, so as the battles emerge, it will be good to know who amongst these committee reps are ‘wobbly’. No more BS from the Republicans. Don’t act now like you were always on point. We were all lazy and deceived. So now that our attention is awakened, the Boehner-McConnell duo better not once give in. And, McConnell, screw Stevens’ appeal process…dump his ass NOW! Or, do you want to carry that shit stain around like the rest of the scandals the last 8 years. LEARN SOMETHING, DAMNIT! Never again will I take for granted the expected responsibility of Republicans. I am going to always assume they will shit backwards. Prove me wrong…while I watch.          

Thanks to StopTheACLU & RedState for highlighting initial positions and Congressmen to communicate with, between now and 2010.  I would like a similar list of Democrat Congressional contacts that are in part sympathetic to Conservative principles.

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