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November 6, 2008

Palin Smear (CNN Campbell Brown Calls BS on Republican Ilk….)

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Bad enough that the msm attempted to destroy her rep. Now, the disgusting McCain staff. The morons have no idea how fucking pissed Conservatives are now with the party. How disgusted we are with establishment morons completely misreading voters and Obama every damn step of the way. Insiders…insiders we do not want or need anymore. Identify these creeps…put them out front and let us have at them…the anger brewing now ought to give these assholes pause. A crack across the fucking head is in order! Did I say I wasn’t going to get mad or use angry words? Fuck ’em!


Michelle nails the Republican shitheads…there is a lot of unresolved anger right now…at least in me…I resent the hell out of the establishment Republicans and all the brain trust that steered this ill advised candidate and the campaign. They are lucky they had Palin, or it would have been a bigger disaster…If Romney is part of this then he can kiss his moderate, coiffed ass goodbye too!


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