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November 6, 2008

Obama & Running the Dispensing Machine (Entitlement Frustrations Loom)

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This funny stuff. It is a perfect window into the frustration and anger the 40+% non-tax paying voters will feel when the expected CHANGE from all the HOPE is in any way held up or not forthcoming (I pray to God it is so!). The sheer burden of transfering ill received campaign monies to ill gotten gains for ‘campaign workers’ is small potatoes. Wonder how they, the Regressives, will pull it off on an ever increasing scale over the next few years. Well, everyone is ‘organized’ now so marches and protests will be easily generated to call for additional CHANGE in their pockets.  

Indianapolis – Lines were long and tempers flared Wednesday not to vote but to get paid for canvassing for Barack Obama. Several hundred people are still waiting to get their pay for last-minute campaigning. Police were called to the Obama campaign office on North Meridian Street downtown to control the crowd.

The line was long and the crowd was angry at times.

“I want my money today! It’s my money. I want it right now!” yelled one former campaign worker.


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