Zipline Conservative

November 6, 2008

Fox News Reverts Back to Esquire Sleaze Merchants (Screw Fox News…Neo Whores…Maybe because Poor Megyn didn’t get her interview with Sarah?)

Screw Fox News…loading up on Palin. 2 days before election Megyn Kelly anguished away and pouted because Palin cancelled interview with her. Just coincidence now that Fox panders to the anonymous shit from McCain staffers…read this trash and let it be an example why a Moderate surrounded by Bush staffers/handlers botched the entire effort. What are the names of these cowards…name them. The Neo’s are pissed so hang the Populist Conservative Palin.

Dear God, she wore a bathrobe and was ‘whorish’ and it wasn’t normal. She was not prepared on foreign policy. So what…these same dorks are the ones that hid her away out of worry. Who are these losers? The Conservative candidates of the future better ostracize these losers from any future runs….black list these traitors to decency and common sense. Also, Fox tell Cameron to elevate and stop digging for sleaze…



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