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November 5, 2008

Sarah Palin (Next Time on Your Terms, Not the RNC Handlers)

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Well, Ms. Palin, you were a breath of fresh air. For me the only thing positive in a poorly run race. I regret you were tucked away by handlers that were afraid to let you speak your mind. I regret the savage, petty attacks you sustained. Stay strong and know that your message needs to be refined to be from you and not moderated by any Republican strategist. Hang around and let us see you again in the future….whether as Governor, Senator or something grander. Thank you for being you and for your service to Conservaties.


Yes, the perfect image for anyone that is not a stuffy, urban elitist. Only urban elites would be put off by this pic.

“I like this picture of Sarah Palin voting. Heavy on the Caribou, light on the Barbie. She didn’t need to be dunked in RNC bling. And the more the campaign went on and the more she wiggled free of her minders, the better she sounded. If you’ve got organic style, you shouldn’t be shoehorned into generic campaign issue. If the night goes the way it seems to be heading, the differences between the Governor and the campaign will be one of the most interesting parts of the GOP post-mortem.”

“But I emphatically agree that this picture — not that it’s cheesecake, which it’s not (no more than any picture of her is, which is a little, because yes, she is nice looking), but that it’s bluejeans on Election Day! — is the future of the GOP and conservatives in the 21st Century.”


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