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November 4, 2008

Obama’s Strategy (Post Election Low Profile Schmooze…Let Congress Do The Dirty Work…He’ll Have the Pen Ready)

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obama-shieldI believe that Obama will portray himself as the calming unifier (winner’s always do). He will appoint a bi-partisan cabinet to defuse concerns of a Leftist agenda. He will not talk about anything for several months to come (until post inaugaration) that will give any indication of his intent. No, Obama will be passive and unreadable, much like he has been all along.

The true barometer will be the Congressional Regressives that will float and promote the true agenda. It is already starting with the Fairness Doctrine and will progress through the health care system, defense department, environment and education. So, they will do the heavy lifting. As I write this, the Super Majority for the Regressives has not been decided. What the response will be, if the Regessives hold Congress, the Courts, the Presidency and the propaganda machine, from the Conservatives voice is currently difficult to assess.

So, personally, I am going to look for a vehicle to a new beginning for a cohesive Right. A Right that takes class envy, Neo’s, Bush and the other Leftist whipping boys out of the equation. A Right that is able to articulate and stay true to limited government rather than Bush et al’s whorish bloating of the system. We are a divided nation. The numbers show it. A minority that cannot overcome Leftist Rhetoric. New techniques and arguments must emerge.  


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