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November 2, 2008

Obama’s Civilian National Security Force (Purpose & Where) Resist It!

Is Obama advocating a massive expenditure into a civilian corp that operates oversees as ‘ambassadors’ or a ‘community’ outreach corp to carry on the inculcation of the community organizers? If Moonbattery’s budgetary calculations are correct, where does the ‘civilian national security force’ acquire $400+ billion dollars? This budget is one half of the recent grotesque bailout figure. 

More to the point, beyond the obvious answer to the above…this is blatant brown shirt thuggery looming. I am beginning to feel like a paranoid twit as I envision the slippery slope we are being pushed toward and the inevitable confrontations that will ensue. The class warfare mentality is continually hammered home. The selfishness concept is starting. Hate speech and obedience will follow. The results of all this will not be pretty. Even if this is an overseas focus…foreign aid needs to be reconsidered downward, not upward. Another Obama priority for the great continent?    

 We’re talking about a “civilian national security force” with an annual budget of $439 billion. If you have anything negative to say about socialism or the global warming hoax, you’d better get it out of your system before this American version of the Gestapo is created, because it will certainly have the resources to discover your errant opinions and readjust them as The One and his friends deem necessary.

“No wonder the income level defining Obama’s intended victims as “the rich” keeps plummeting. To pay for this internal army, he’ll have to loot everyone down to children running lemonade stands. No doubt he’ll make up some of the costs by pulling the plug on the military, which might have incorrect notions about serving the country and the Constitution, rather than serving The One and Change.”



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  1. This is scary stuff. I am a grandmother and am terrified for my grandkids.

    Comment by Yarbdoc — November 4, 2008 @ 9:36 AM | Reply

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