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November 2, 2008

Obama & Ethics Lapse (Lapse #78: Fraudulent Campaign Funding & No Leadership To Call Halt)

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This possibly large accumulation of monies from outside the US is yet one more unethical and criminal violation that the msm is not interested in. Only the blogs are delving into this with any urgency. The msm forfeits any residual respect. The lines are drawn for the future. Propagandists don’t warrant reprieves.

Where is the ethical leadership by Obama to address this and bring it to a halt? This the great shake down scam. All the Left’s and far Right’s angst over the evil Bush-Cheney Neo grab pales compared to the blatant, open viewed corruption of the Obama Machine. and what it suggest for the future. And, not one bit of ethical concern for weeks now. Only denial after denial. Integrity Void from the Obama Camp and the msm.

 “A breakdown of controls has enabled foreign and other unaccountable funds to pour into the Obama campaign — and it’s not an accident.”

  • “Obama’s overseas (foreign) contributors are making multiple small donations, ostensibly in their own names, over a period of a few days, some under maximum donation allowances, but others are aggregating in excess of the maximums when all added up.”
  • The contributions had come from over 50 specifically named countries and major cities.

    Get the bumper stickers ready, should Obama win:


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