Zipline Conservative

October 31, 2008

The Left-Right Spectrum and the Big Lie Tactic (Moonbattery)

Given the current possibility of really getting familiar with the ol’ political spectrum, it is good explore concepts beyond the ever present Bush=Hitler linkages. I think we may have to come up with Obama=what (will it be another notorious person or philosophy?) Either way, get the terminology down. And, while you are at it, reconsider Conservatism and all its’ varieties. We need to jettison either the Republican party and the bloated, girly-man ilk in it or create something real, principled and once and for all eliminate the class envy arugment and compassion argument that are repeatedly used to bash our head and there is nary a response to refute those tried and true weapons. Conservatives need to be against big anything that hoardes power and displayz    

“One of the most striking examples of the Big Lies tactic is the Left’s ability to pass off fascism and Nazism as phenomena of the Right.”

“The Left believes in collectivism and subservience to the state. The Right believes in the sanctity and liberty of the individual. That progressives have used their dominance of the media and education to spin fascism as a right-wing phenomenon is a reminder that we need to question everything they’ve told us.”



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