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October 31, 2008

Obama’s Gatekeepers (Silence, Silence, Silence…….)

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We must get along. No harshness, No hate speech, No hostility. And, to help us graduate into this new way..a way that makes all the Leftist/Paleo Fuss over the evil Bush Homeland Security Cowboys look omni-directional. Yes, somewhere some anti-Obama bozo steals or slashes a lawn sign, or hangs an Obama in effigy, or worse allegedly plans mayhem…yes, it happens. Singular creeps on the Right or somewhere on the continuum. But, the Left takes the creeps and places them under their big happy tent, almost legitimizing them. How to resist the changes coming should this charlatan be elected to Power? The post topics below are from the excellent Moonbattery….  

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Calls for Government Control of Radio

Wikipedia Locks Rashid Khalidi Page Until After Election

Obama Already Taking Reprisals Against Noncompliant Media

Progressive Paper Gives Addresses of Republican Houses to Be Vandalized


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