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October 31, 2008

Obama &Rezko (Oops! I Did it Again. Mistake in Judgment, Again)

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The man to lead the free world, Barack Obama? Great orator, perfect posture and timing. But, mierda for brains when it comes to associating with criminals (Rezko), communist, anarchist and radical mentors; frustrated terrorists and Palestinian operative. The list of suspicious characters is alarming…truly alarming…and I believe that the complicity of the msm is equally alarming, as they boldly step from jaded, Liberal journalist to unapologetic propagandists for a man that at a minimum lacks the judgment to be President, let alone a Jr. Senator. At worst, this a man, if he wins, that will be positioned with all the tools and stealth needed to alter the very fabric of our society. The Constitution and Legislative History are at risk of an Obamanation of disrepect via amendments or worse, replacement.  

“Mr. Obama has a Rezko image problem himself. The Democratic candidate met the Syrian-born businessman in his final year at Harvard Law School, and they stayed on friendly terms in the next two decades. When Mr. Obama started his run for the state Senate in 1995, Mr. Rezko gave him $2,000 on the first day of the campaign. The Illinois Senator says his political career didn’t start in Bill Ayers’s living room, but the Rezko wallet certainly launched him on his way. Over the next decade, Mr. Rezko raised as much as $250,000 for him and served on the Obama Senate campaign finance committee in 2004.”

“A year after his election, Mr. Obama bought his home in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood with Mr. Rezko’s help. At the time, he was the subject of a (then rumored) federal investigation. The men together looked at a house listed at $1.95 million. The seller insisted an adjoining lot must be sold simultaneously, though it was bound by a restrictive covenant that severely limited what the purchaser could do with the lot.”


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