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October 29, 2008

Obama & A Hot Mistress (Does It Matter to the Swooning msm or Dependent Class?)

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Ohhh, Baby!

Ohhh, Baby!

Hey, there is a lot of infidelity floating around. Let he who is without sin throw the first monkey wrench. Apparently this has been out there for sometime and I have to assume there is little to this Vera Baker woman or the msm would have given it equal treatment to McCain innuendos? Ha!




Sexy Vera Baker. Well, I have not seen a pic of her. I would assume she is…would have to be someone hot to risk the political pathway, the rath of Michelle, and the image and all. Worth a look given all the monies flooding in from off shore…Where is Vera Baker now? Carribean now? Good Story! Vera, Fund Raising for Barry, Big Donors, Chicago Machine, Move out of country to job set up by Chicago Mayor, cover, cover, cover. Double Standards and Hypocrisy…the things the Left dispises in Republicans (we all should) is off the radar here, thus showing the intent to harm or avoid harm in this case. If Bill could skate getting a BJ in the White House, then ol’ Barry will skate this….Didn’t matter to JFK, Clinton or probably Barry. See a pattern here?    Well, of course the media will say this is personal and not relevent to the process. A standard, I am sure, they would certainly hold to Palin or McCain..Ha!  So, if the media does not care or the electorate does not care that The O has associated with all manner of questionable characters….why would they care Obama poured it to some hard body in a posh hotel? I bet Michelle can’t get the images out of her mind though.

Bigger Questions Perhaps?


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