Zipline Conservative

October 26, 2008

Liberals + Neo’s (Common Agenda of Centralized Power for the Greater Good)

At Risk

At Risk

This a lengthy piece and not the usual rant about Bush-Cheney from paleo’s. The theme is the same. The concern is the same. But, there is a more reasoned and thoughtful presentation here to ponder. What is being abandoned (Constitutionalism, localism, self rule among other bulwark principles) prompts the need to organize against this calculated Neo move. I have written here of the Left’s similar ‘institutional transformation’ via infiltration of the system from ‘community organizer’ on up. Mr. Ryn’s assertion is at a higher level of planning and power acquisition and portrays how Liberals & Neo’s (much shared genetics) see the Constitution, the Presidency and you in the scheme of managing your lives and needs. Read this and keep it in mind whether Obama the Socialist or McCain the Moderate surrounded by Neo advisers, wins.     



 “The old American idea of government was indistinguishable from the commandment to “love thy neighbor.” That morality stressed the importance of the person trying to control his own evil and weakness. Strength of will—character—had to be built up so that people would become capable of more loving familial and local relationships and more responsible citizenship. This made for strong communities and self-reliance and minimized the need for government. Alexis de Tocqueville pointed to the great reluctance among Americans in the early 19th century to give up power over their own lives to any distant authority.

The Constitution thus rested on an unwritten constitution—America’s religious, moral, intellectual, cultural, and social habits and beliefs. Traditional America encouraged a strong attachment to self-restraint, modesty, respect for law, and a willingness to compromise. It was this heritage that brought into being the constitutional personality. Just as people were in the habit of imposing internal checks on desire, so were they predisposed to accept and respect external constitutional constraints. Without such people, the Constitution could not work as intended.

But the self-understanding of Americans has slowly changed. They began to abdicate authority to benevolent-sounding politicians. An older personality, which the Constitution both assumed and required, began to disappear. The new culture of America and the West generally disparages this tradition. It shifts attention away from intimate associations and local community. For the new culture, morality is not found in personal acts of character toward particular individuals—neighbors—but in “idealistic” caring for unfortunate collectives and mankind at large. Increasingly, doing good has been made the responsibility of government, which alone can take on the massive projects said to be demanded by morality. Governmental, collective action replaces private and communal responsibility. The decentralized society withers. Today, centralized federal power seems to most Americans not merely acceptable but desirable.”


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