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October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin (F’em, Just Wear The Damn Camo); Who Bought Michelle O’s Illfitting Knit Dresses?)

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The TD Blog requests that the professional press corps explore the following items of interest, since we’re now on the topic:

  • How much did Obama’s private trip to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother cost, and who paid the bill? Did he stay at Grandma’s last night, or did he lodge at a nice hotel courtesy of the campaign? (He did go out of his way to tell us that it wasn’t a campaign trip…so I’m now anxious to know.)
  • How much did Obama’s fake greek columns and the rest of that tacky off-off-broadway convention set cost, and who paid the bill?
  • Who helps Michelle Obama achieve her “Jackie O” rip-off look?
  • How much has the Obama family spent on campaign “rest-and-relaxation” stops to Caribbean and Florida beaches, and who picked up the tab for all those cabana boys?

And, frankly, I wouldn’t believe a damn thing they say!


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