Zipline Conservative

October 25, 2008

Fairness Doctrine (Any Suppression, and a Revolt Is Assured!)

The civilized, restrained Conservative voice will not be shared or silenced. I will not sit by and remain passive. I will not allow other Conservative voices to be silenced. No pitch for tolerance or debate or sharing. I believe that there is seething anger in this country in the ‘bitter’ ‘redneck’ ‘ignorant’ voices and the uprising to shut the voices down on the net alone will provoke immense anger. Conservatives of the traditional stripe are done with this betrayal on multiple fronts. They just have to sort it out…and eventually they will sort it out.

Appropriate to the season, it is like a Halloween Haunted House…you walk through, in the dark, with all manner of sensory assaults. But, it is some time until you are aware enough to know what is real and what is fanciful or contrived. Maybe you even look behind the fake sets to see how it is orchestrated. That is coming. Leftist, Liberals, Neo all will be seen as nothing more than power seekers and manipulators of the mind. I am so fucking tired of having my mind played with and watching news that is nothing more than teleprompter reciting of propaganda and smear. Enough of this. Seriously, we will find our way. Liberty will prevail and manipulators will be tarred and feathered.


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