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October 24, 2008

ACORN and msm (Exaggerates Voter Reg’s; ACORN Admits Actual is 1/3rd, with as many phony)

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Bill Salmon, Washington Times Correspondent, was on Fox News this morning reporting that ACORN has supposedly admitted that the oft repeated stat of 1.3 mil newly registered voters is incorrect and admitted as such by ACORN. Salmon stated that the actual number is around 400K, with an additional 400K judged as fraudulent. I checked the non-partisan ACORN site and could not find the retraction. They, Fox News, held up a paper entitled Project Vote. Not sure where the ACORN retraction is. But, Salmon raised the issue that the msm’s psych job may have done the damage along with bogus polls of dampening voter turnout by McCain voters. We shall see. Just possibly another example of msm, Leftist manipulation via the propaganda arm of Regressive Party.   


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