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October 23, 2008

William Ayers (The Persuasive Coward; Raping Minds and Bodies)

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Informative piece sent to me by Spiderperson re a 2006 article written by Donna Ron in Front Page Magazine. Ms. Ron had a first hand look at Ayers as the guilt purveyor, the sleaze merchant, the killer. Read this. You probably already have formed an opinion of what a worthless human he was and is now. Worthless. The endorsement of this man and the seeming normalcy of his life now is deplorable.




“I was also working part time for a branch of the University of Chicago Institute for Social Research which was in the same building. I was there in a room with other employees one day sitting around a big table and coding questionnaires for a research study on Head Start when we heard a huge explosion. Soon after we discovered that it was a bomb that went off in the brown stone on 10th street which killed three buddies of Bill Ayers, who was now one of the leaders of the WeatherUnderground, a terrorist cult.  One of the victims was Diana Oughton, his girlfriend at the time. I had known her: a kind soul who had worked at the Fresh Air Camp for troubled kids before she got mixed up with ever so persuasive Bill and the other Weatherman terrorists. When I found out she had been blown up, I thought how like him to send his girlfriend to make the bomb rather than do it himself.”



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