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October 23, 2008

Far Left & msm Hypocrisy (A Reminder of the Left’s Heartless Corruption)

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 Truly, a monumental example of the Left’s Hypocrisy. Yes, the Right presents principles and then some violate them. Not hypocrisy, but weakness. The principle still remains the same and worthy of emulation by the whole, even if the few fall prey to temptations. But, what do you call the stance of the Regressives, the msm, the man himself. Infusions of infidelity, arrogance, criminality, conspiracy, callousness, cover up, cold blooded denial, heartless abandonment, total lack of character. Yet, look at the total forgiveness via the msm. Look at retention of power. Why? Because the msm did not savage the man. They facilitated his retention of power. It did not matter.

And, today we see the same thing with current events. No one cares, because he is a Regressive and hence excused. Again, the msm covers and launches never ending assaults of an insignificant and distracting nature towards another woman. Fortunately, she is around to defend herself.

Does it not give anyone pause to notice this concerted effort to cover up for Regressives? Does anyone care about Mary Jo and ALL it signified then……………………………and now?          


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