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October 22, 2008

Palin and Expensive White Racist Blouses and Trips (But, nary a question about….)

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Racist Blouse

Racist Blouse

Oh, yes someone in the Repub’s screwed up to spend $$$$ on too many racist, white blouses. My oh my. And, throw in some taxpayer funded travel. Maybe. Darn Sarah can’t you stay out of trouble?

While you are trying to stay out of trouble maybe Cordes and Couric and the Culpable Broadcasting Network could look into the origins of, let’s see, how much $$$$ to the Obama campaign? 50, no 100, no maybe almost 200 million dollars seem to be, last heard, unaccounted for. Where is the army of investigators?

Oh, last I heard, Biden was forecasting a pretty sure thing of impending war and frightful events. Uh, have you really pressed on this? If that young upstart Sarah had uttered that…can you imagine. So, isn’t it worthy that Barack is not going to be up to this and he will need our help? No, more important for the msm to keep going after Sarah.

Let’s see: Obama (Davis, Mansour, Ayers, Dohrn, CAC, Khalidi, Odinga, Fannie Mae, ACORN, $200 million…just the short list)

Palin (Racist Blouse, Moose Huntress, RNC Shopping Spree, Troopergate, Travelgate) Would you look at that. 

Biden: Really, and you are worried about Palin? He actually makes McCain look postitively clear as a mountain stream.  

So, I Googled Images quite aways in and never found one pic of Sarah wearing the Racist White Blouse. I know I saw her in white of all things while in Florida. So, I did immediately recognize the intent of that look…whoa! Now, back to the Biden comment about war in the next 8 months. I am a touch worried about that. And, all that money from…? Again, if McCain was sitting upon unaccounted for hundreds of millions…can you imagine?


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