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October 22, 2008

Fidel Castro (Promises and then….CHANGE)

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“…Several Cuban-owned stores and cafeterias here in Miami were selling them as nostalgia items. Just for the heck of it, I purchased one since I had only heard of the magazine but had never read it.

Other than the articles and pictures about Cuban socialites, the majority of the magazine contained stories and pictures of the newly crowned leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro. I distinctly recall one article in particular that purported to explain how contrary to the rumors going around the island and the world, Fidel was not, and had never been a communist. The caption on one of the pictures of the bearded so-called revolutionary even had one of his quotes, which I believe said, “The revolution is not red; it is as green as the palms.”

It did not take long for Cubans to realize that was an outright lie. And along with the myriad of lies Castro said before and after that period, it did not take Cubans very long to realize that he would say anything he needed to say, and do whatever he needed to do, at any particular moment, to ensure he remained in power.

With that said, it is quite disturbing to see how similar Obama and his campaign are to the campaign led by Castro and his thugs fifty-years ago. Just like Castro, they will say anything they need to say to ensure an Obama victory. If the public does not like the language of one of their policies, they simply pull out the thesaurus and use a different word. If the McCain campaign hammers away at a weakness in one of their proposals, they just change it to take the argument away from their opponent. They are not changing these things because they believe it is right to do so–they are changing it so that they can win.”


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