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October 21, 2008

Obama’s Birth Cert. (Is It Relevant? Overstating The Risk, Harms the Message)

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Is it relevant? The birth, adoption, Kenya, Hawaii, any of it. Really, a tinge of lunacy corrupts the legitimate concern of Obama’s associations. Too go on and on and act as loony as the Left whack jobs does harm to the basic questions as to character and judgment. There is enough with Davis, Mansour, Ayers Jr./Sr., Odinga, Wright and Leftist associations without entering into bizarro land saying Obama is a secret Muslim conspiring to overthrow the government etc etc.

Seriously, if Obama is a fraud it is because he has been and is associated with friends at ease with Anarchy and Marxism, like the unapologetic pieces of mierda, William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. That alone should be enough to swing intelligent voters…but, throw in the wingnut bug juice and it gets hard to see the truth, because it is now tainted with garbage.

I don’t know if the doc is real or not. You know that anything is possible these days. Perhaps the investigations referenced at Texas Darlin will bring legitimate clarity to all this….SOON?


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