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October 21, 2008

Michelle Obama & API (What a wicked web we weave, when at first you practice to deceive)

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This story was posted awhile back at Texas Darlin blog and then td said there needed to be confirmation of the alleged conversations between API and Michelle Obama…namely coughing up the corroborative tapes allegedly in API’s possession. So, is this about to happen? API to Fox News? Hmmm?

Michelle Obama tapes’ imminent release approaching: API in ia serious negotiation with FOX NEWS on the best way forward

“API has an ongoing discussion with FOX NEWS on the best way forward in the process of releasing Michelle Obama tapes to the American people.

API hopes the negotiation will be completed as soon as possible so that the tapes can be made available to FOX NEWS in the next few days and specifically before the voting day – the 4th of November.”

Thank goodness, Michelle Obama got to be a proud of being an American at least once. Wonder how Axelrod and his talking jackass, Bill Burton will spin this…pretty easy to spin to the victim class mentality. Poor, frustrated Leftist.

Texas Darlin blog said some time ago she was not going to buy into this as credible story…Mountain Sage seems to think hoax…seems to have no legs or validity… seems pretty real? but all things possible in the race for our minds! 


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  1. Well… at least no worse than most of the campaign ads.

    This has been a sad election. Mainly seems to have shown how low people can go on both sides.

    Comment by Joe Doe — October 29, 2008 @ 7:48 PM | Reply

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