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October 20, 2008

Barack Obama Pillaged (‘Stop With The Past…Move On To The Present Problems’)

Times A Wasting...

Times A Wasting...

I was watching a focus group interview with Frank Luntz. The purpose was to assess if any of Obama’s past registered in a negative way with the focus group. One woman, in particular, raised a typical admonition to stop talking about the past and deal with present problems. Another man, sitting beside her said the past was relevant to the present and future because Obama’s character and decisions were important to the Presidency and the Country (my words). 

I have to wonder why this rejection of the past. It would never be tolerated if it was McCain. A few McCain associations have been floated but, unless the negative Obama ads are coming toward McCain, the McCain past has not resonated with the voters either. The economy issue is moderating. So, although it earlier seemed like a distraction to real issues to question Obama’s past, now it seems totally relevant. He comes across as a moderate, uniting voice. Moderate and Neo’s support him. His proposed cabinet is moderate or centrist and his current advisers are moderate to liberal. So, is this all appearance over substance? Is this the use of resources to create and centrist appearance, economic package and then later assume his true persona? His legislative voting record certainly does not make him appear Moderate or borderline Liberal. He is obviously a LIberal pushing over toward  the extreme until the campaign began then he moderates. Isn’t that right there enough to make you say how typical of a Liberal to go Moderate to get elected? Even McCain goes Right with Palin…but one knows where McCain stands.   

His life is a confusing mix of family, locations, influences that could suggest a blend of beliefs and forces. Yes, his adult life seems much more influenced by Chicago Elite politics and Leftist associations. And, he has avoided honest comment, IN DEPTH, to these concerns. That is the issue for me. He has avoided directly facing and commenting in depth on his associations. He has contrived excuses and weak explanations and that makes me highly suspicious that the bright one is lying and/or sociopathically unprincipled and only motivated with the acquisition of power. If he gains power, then perhaps he is not as big a problem as those he surrounds himself with that will better know how to legislate for the greater good…and progressively bind down upon our Liberty. Times flying by. Will any of this be answered before the election? Doubtful. Speaking of doubt, will enough creep into the minds of voters to matter or will all that money blitz it out of the mind? Oh, where is the outcry by the Left of all the fat cat money being spent? Where is the outcry on some huge amount of donations unaccounted for? Leftist hypocrisy? AGAIN!          


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