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October 19, 2008

Powell & Obama (Race, Abortion, & done with Neo’s)



Simply put, Powell played the Race option and was blunt, he does not want more Conservative justices picked for the SCOTUS. What a nice luxury, that race preference. I should just state that: I want a white, female VP. I want a white President. (Of course, race shouldn’t have a damn thing to do with it…but, I guess, hopefully, this first time it will be understandable and the future exception). I want justices that are not Leftists and further I want that damn court locked down for the rest of my lifetime. Course, my impact is less than the old waffler, Colin Powell and I imagine he had enough of the Republicans and GW’s cadre of Neos mucking everything up. So, great, but frankly it is a black touting a black and protecting his pro-abortion, affirmative action beliefs. And, calling the Obama-Ayers Leftist alliances inconsequential to the election is pathetically weak. Every nuance of those relationships is critical to the roadmap Obama has in his glovebox. It says everything for where we are headed if he is elected. Not just his decisions or beliefs, but a fully empowered Regressive Congress and Leftist appointments to the Supreme Court will ensure the CHANGE the Radicals & Liberals crave. Voting against Republicans is no reason to vote for another Jimmy Carter and to give power to the lowest approved Congress in history.

Just another Wesley Clark. Who cares? Go into oblivion Colin.

“Powell then goes on to pooh-pooh Obama’s longtime “limited relationship” with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers as an “issue that is not central” to the campaign — just as evidence of the closeness of these two very chummy “neighbors” mounts.

Judgment, schmudgment, eh, Secretary Powell?

Finally, we arrive at the real reason Powell is endorsing Obama: The party, he complains, has become too “narrow” for his tastes. Pro-abortion Powell can’t stand the thought of two more Republican Supreme Court appointments. He thinks Sarah Palin is too conservative. He shares the Obama view of our base as racist and non-inclusive — but has nothing to say about the rabid pack of America-damning preachers who helped make Obama the “transformational” figure Powell has placed his faith in.”


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  1. Very nice post…spot on!

    Comment by John D. Heaton III — October 24, 2008 @ 7:38 PM | Reply

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