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October 7, 2008

Bernardine Dohrn “always believes the ends justify the means” Someone Tell Us More About This Psychotic Obamabot

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Obama Never To Be Outdone. His Sleaze Team is just too hot. AP tries to help, but the Davis, Mansour, Rezko, Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Odinga roster (along with ACORN as backups) seems to overshadow the AP effort.

“According to a reputable Pajamas Media source that wishes to remain anonymous and knew the Dohrn family, Bernardine Dohrn “always believes the ends justify the means” and is the head of the Ayers-Dohrn household. Dohrn was the violent, arguably pathological Leninist core of the Revolutionary Youth Movement, which led her and allied militants to fight for control of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The SDS split as a result of the Dohrn-led revolt and the Revolutionary Youth Movement split again, with Dohrn’s faction becoming the Weather Underground.”

“Dohrn was a principal signatory of a Declaration of War against “AmeriKKKa” — now a standard spelling among far-left radicals — and co-authored Prairie Fire: The Politics of Anti-Imperialism. Dohrn participated in multiple bombings and was accused of planting a bomb at a San Francisco police station that killed an officer and maimed others, according to an FBI informant.”

“Barack Obama’s ties to the Weathermen aren’t ties that were 40 years removed from a child’s experiences, but the conscious decision of a young radical to establish a relationship to an infamous terrorist because of shared ideology and interests.”

“Barack Obama never set any bombs. But he’s never had problems with associating with those who did.”

Must be someone willing to come out of the Hyde Park closet to discuss these crazy sons a bitches? Well maybe they are scared, with good reason.


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