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September 28, 2008

Breast Milk in my Sauce, Please (Winning Over The Men, Ad by Ad)

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PETA has used the female form to disuade us from eating meat, wearing fur and enjoying bullfighting. I cannot wait to see the breast milk ad. If it is anything like the others…  Maybe they are on to something here. I do seem to pay more attention.

‘Storchen, a (very innovative) restaurant in Switzerland, has just announced that they will be unveiling a new menu that includes soups, stews, and sauces made with at least 75 percent human breast milk. Some folks might think that drinking human breast milk is strange … but really, what’s even stranger is that humans are the only species on the planet that drinks the milk of another species.’

“***DEMO IDEA***
Now how about setting up demos promoting “breast milk” drinking around the country – I’m thinking booths where voluptuously well endowed vegan women wearing tiny tight tees (tease!!!), willingly showing a little “wet and hardened” milking nipple action (underneath and through the clothing), giving the male passers by a shot of their “freshly squeezed” concoction!!! An optional alternative would be to serve “it” with “freshly brewed and squeezed cafe au lait”!!! Or, how about having a few “grown-ups” sucking on fake milking breasts in public, inviting passers by to join for a little “pacifying” sucking session. Of course, readily available “milking” woman would be standing by!!! hahaha I suppose there ain’t no law keeping over-aged people from public breast feeding, is there? hahaha The municipalities and media would go nuts, not to mention the men!!!

Awesome work!!!

Nathalie, Ottawa, Canada!!!

How would you like to wrap your lips around a scoop of:
‘Titty Tiramisu’ or maybe, ‘Mammary Macadamia Nut.’

If that doesn’t titillate you, you might want to try,
‘Fudgie Juggs’, ‘Nippley Neapolitan’, or ‘Racky Road?’

Now, for some actual great cooking ideas:!!!!

Check out Stella Mac for many great urban ideas re food prep, eating natural, raising chickens, crafts and more. Share it with someone that enjoys life and wants to learn from scratch…Stella is the gal!!! 


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