Zipline Conservative

October 8, 2008

Bill Ayers and Education (In His Own Words…His Visions)

My concern is for the ongoing transformation, within our educational system, toward a national and global view that is so engrained in our youth, that history and the lessons learned will be misrepresented for the sake of group think….lock step toward a supposed humane society…I am afraid of the Nanny State. Mr. Ayers has foresaken the violent option and engaged in the Alinsky-Gramsci internal compromise of the system…now, if Obama wins, and to a degree if he doesn’t, we are headed to an indoctrination well beyond the previous levels that have infected or programed our youth.  

Visit Bill Ayers blog spot and read his text to Chavez et al…He chants viva la revolucion for Bolivia..this was 2006. I read somewhere today that Bolivia is in a chaotic state…will have to check this out… 

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